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Mien IT is a Graphics, Web Solutions, Mobile Apps and Software Development company. Since 2016, we have aimed to provide affordable web design, custom programming, readymade scripts, forum templates and search engine optimization to our clients. We have our own team of professionals and we do not outsource your job to complete a project. We also develop Accounting Software, Real Estate CRM Software, ERP Software, and CRM Software of various kinds. Our company also develops dynamic and static websites. We customize our client's software based on their needs. We design and develop a customized project only after thorough consultation with our clients. You can always reach us during normal business hours by phone or through our online portals. We make sure that you get a design that you love. We provide you the highest level of service with a very quick turnaround, and our design work speaks for itself. This is your one stop place to find all that you need to take your company to the next level.

Why Mien IT

Why Mien IT?
1. We have a good market standing based on our clients’ feedback. We keep all our promises that we make to our client.
2. Our relationship with our clients continue even after the project is complete and we continue to provide support for all our projects.
3. We provide highest level of quality of product and service and that too at a competitive price.
4. We develop and design our projects only after thorough consultation with our clients. Thus, our clients get a completely customized project.
5. Our team of experts are highly qualified and are backed by years of experience. We provide our clients only with the best of the best.


Mient IT has provided services and solutions to a broad array of companies across multiple industries.
Here are some of the industries that represent our deepest experience:

• Medical and Hospitals
• Pharmaceuticals
• Apparel and Garments Factories
• Banking and Finance
• Non-profit Organization
• Educational Institutions
• Retail
• Agriculture

Software Products


Md. Jubaer Hossain

Md. Jubaer Hossain

Core Application Developer
Md. Emran Hossain

Md. Emran Hossain

Linux and Server Security Specialist
Md. Rahatuzzaman

Md. Rahatuzzaman

Business Development Specialist
Mirza Ali Ahmad Nayeem

Mirza Ali Ahmad Nayeem

Software Developer


“Mien IT did a great job on our website. We regularly update our page layouts and content to improve conversions, and they’re always quick to implement changes we request. Their monthly reports are also extremely valuable to us.”

Mrs. Rebecca Soens

Mrs. Rebecca Soens

Managing Director ,Indo European Translation Office Soens, Belgium

Our old website was terrible. It didn’t work on mobile, and I don’t think it ever generated a lead for our sales team. MienIT built a new site from the ground up, and we’re extremely happy with it. We’re seeing new leads on a daily basis, making the new site one great investment.”
Michael Asola

Michael Asola

Director of Operations, Synergy Innovations Limited ,Kenya


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